Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring has Sprung

The weather is finally nicer more often than not! Matt has been soaking up the sun on his bike and we bought a trailer so Kaelyn can join him (we're still deciding if I will get a bike too or if I will just enjoy alone time when Matt takes the baby).
Kaelyn and Daddy giving it a test run (she'll get a helmet before they go for a real ride :)

I was moving some pictures around and found some from a month or so ago & just had to post them. Kaelyn has started wanting to copy EVERYTHING we do, super cute & fun! (It can be a pain too, but for the most part I love it). Here she's helping me make scones. 

More about our copy-cat...the past few days I've had a little cold & Kaelyn has been cutting teeth, not a fun combination. I've had toilet paper around for nose blowing purposes and we've caught Kaelyn ripping off small pieces & "blowing her nose" (she holds it up to her upper lip and blows with her mouth)'s pretty cute. Since she's been teething, we've given her Tylenol to help with the pain. I'm not sure if she associates it with relief, likes the taste, or just thinks liquid from a dropper is fun, but last night we gave her some and she kept asking for more which we did not give to her. We did, however, get out another dropper and a glass of water which she was very happy to have. Can you say placebo-affect? What a silly girl. 

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Pictures

Our Little Bunny

Easter Dress

Edible grass, how cool is that?


Look at our cool silk-dyed-eggs!

Feeding the Ducks

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kaelyn Update

Well, it's official; we have a toddler. Kaelyn is walking everywhere. She almost never crawls anymore! Although we've had snow recently (we are so done with snow now that it's fallen on & off for 6 months), today is beautiful and there have been a few nice days recently. We've found that Kaelyn LOVES the outdoors. We've been to the park, the playground (here in our complex), colored with sidewalk-chalk, and gone on walks. She gets a huge kick out of slides, swings and dogs. We also enjoy feeding the ducks, but Kaelyn doesn't like it when they get too close.

Grandma Miriam came up for a few days this Easter and got to enjoy a few hours of nice weather with Kaelyn. All the pictures are on her camera, so we'll post some when we get them.

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