Friday, August 28, 2009

6 months

Now that Kaelyn is closer to 7 than 6 months I've finished her 6 month scrapbook page. She is such a happy baby :) and we're so happy to have her.
Things are crazy as always but we're all doing well. There's less than a month until the LSAT (hooray!); we've almost finished redecorating the great room (pictures coming soon); and I've got the beginnings of my new website/business up and running!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Oops, I'm not keeping on top of this blogging thing very well....

I really will need to start posting more with all the fun things Kaelyn is doing now! Can't believe she's 6 months old already.
She rolled over completely on her own and infront of more than just Matt while my mom was here a little over a week ago. She rolled from tummy to back; now she rolls both front to back and back to front.
She's really enjoying soild foods now & I've started making baby food and freezing it. She likes: carrots, avocado, bananas, peaches, little tastes of bread and accepts rice cearal but would rather have fruits or veggies. Sadly, this is the end of the era of those nice breast-milk-only-diapers :( Yesterday Matt was changing a diaper and I heard him from the other end of the condo exclaim, "Oh My Gosh!" I went to check on him and the baby to discover everything was just fine, Matt was just in shock at the volume & smell-factor of 6-month-solids-eatting-baby-diapers.
She also enjoys playing with toys, Mommy, Daddy, Charlie and anything else she can get her hands on and preferably into her mouth. She babbles a lot and is currious about everything.
In the midst of all this execitement we are also redecorating trying to get our condo ready to sell next summer (we want it to look as big and nice as possible). We've sold most of our great-room furniature via craigslist and have bought new (or in some cases new to us) funiture, I've sewn drapes and curtains, throw pillows and a TV stand cover (thank you Mommy for helping with Kaelyn so I could do so much).
Well, we'll keep you posted on the amazing things our girl does and the things we're doing too, I'll post photos soon.

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