Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Kaelyn is One!

Kaelyn is getting to be more and more of a handful and also more and more fun. She crawls super fast & can stand on her own for brief periods now. She loves playing with the animal magnets on the fridge & all her toys.

On the 13th we had a Lego-themed birthday party for her (I was so excited that they made "girly-colored" legos that I couldn't resist!)

We had a Lego cake (brownies and super yummy frosting a'la bestbites) made by Mommy & Grandma

We made Lego invitations &amp: party favors too; fortune cookies that had the message "Thanks for Coming" written in legos.

We also had a puppet show! (Thanks to Cindy, the Bishop's wife.) It was so fun and everyone enjoyed it. Kaelyn wasn't scared of any of the puppets she even clapped and danced with them.

We're so glad to have our little girl. It's amazing and strange to see how someone so helpless just a year ago now has a distinct personality and opinions. Happy Birthday Kaelyn!

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