Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Kaelyn vs The Shower

This was just too funny not to post....
Many of you probably know that I was a VERY needy baby. So needy/clingy that while we were down in California for Christmas, when Kaelyn got really squirmy in my mom's arms I had to tell her that Kaelyn wanted down, because it didn't even occur to Grandma that a baby would prefer the floor to being held!

Well...Kaelyn may enjoy the floor but not if she has to be alone. I was taking a quick shower and Kaelyn was playing on the floor, she started fussing so I was talking to her letting her know that she really was okay and that I'd be done really soon. Suddenly, the crying got a little louder and I felt a tiny hand on my leg. She had pulled herself up on the side of the tub and reached through the curtain. This caused two things: she was able to reach me and water was able to reach her. She was soaked and not happy about any of it.

I pulled back the other side of the curtain and got her to come to that side (where water wouldn't be pouring out of the shower) and dried her face with a towel. This didn't satisfy her. I had to pick her up (I am in the shower, dripping wet, and still need to finish showering) and hold her while I soaped up and conditioned my hair.

She was wet, but happy. I now know to what lengths parents (or at this parent) will go to keep their children happy. To my mother: sorry if  you ever had to shower one-handed; if so, pay-back has been had.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Review of 2009/Dec. Trip Report

January--we spent the month getting ready for Kaelyn (taking childbirth classes, assembling the crib, etc.)
February--Kaleyn surprised us all by coming early & on Valentines! Grandma (Miriam) & Jennifer were a   great help with this transition.
March--I think this is the month Jen actually came (Feb-April are kind of a blur) I think this is also the month Matt really started putting in lots of hours studying for the LSAT, I think this is also when I started Kaelyn's scrapbook.
April--I turned 23; Kaelyn had her first round of immunizations & was uncharacteristically cranky all day
May--Mother's Day! I got a Kitchen Aid (and have been putting it to good use) We went to Vegas because Stephanie had surgery, our (well, Kaelyn's) job was to be cute & cheer up Steph & Becca. Kaelyn & I also went to California (since we were half way there already).
June--We started going to play group at the pool, Matt had his first Father's Day as a father. I attempted to do a work from home thing, it wasn't worth it in the end.
July--Kaelyn's first trip to England! We had a blast, you can see our UK scrapbook here.
August--Grandma (Miriam) came to visit. We celebrated our 4th anniversary. I decided to start an online baby boutique.
September--Matt turned 26, took the LSAT (and did very well), I got Beaded Baby Boutique up and running.
October--Kind of a sad month...I had my wisdom teeth pulled (luckily I only had 2), and we had to find Charlie a new home (he was too protective of Kaelyn & me). But Kaelyn & I did get to go to California! Plus we were all super cute in our pirate-themed Halloween costumes  :)
November--We decided for the first time in 4 years to go down to California for Thanksgiving it's a long drive for a few days, but it was great! Kaelyn even did pretty well in the car.
December--California again! Kaleyn and I flew down on the 16th; Matt started driving on the 16th, stopped in Vegas and saw the Cir de Soleil Love show, which he said is amazing, he then drove on to Arizona to attend ASU's Law Day on the 17th, he arrived in California that evening. 
      We (Grandma, Matt, Kaelyn & I) went to Disneyland the 18th, thank you Grandma for getting us signed in by a friend. The 19th we threw a surprise 25th wedding anniversary for my parents (who's anniversary is actually in January)-thank you everyone who came & many thanks to my in-laws who help out a lot
     We celebrated Christmas/Christmas Eve with our families & the 26th many of us (14 adults, 1 child, 3 infants) went the Aquarium of the Pacific (it was packed, but still fun). 
    We heard from a few law schools and Chapman University Law School offered Matt a full scholarship! (We're still waiting to hear back from ASU before we decide which one to attend for sure, but Chapman is certainly in the running.) 
    New Year's Eve was spent going to bed early so we could get up and go to Arizona on the 1st. We saw married student housing (which is very nice) and visited with Kendal & his family. We drove on to Vegas and stayed with Becca & Stephanie for the night and the next day we walked around City Center & went out for sushi. We arrived home safe & sound Sat night/ Sun morning.

We had a great year & expect wonderful things (although I'm sure there will be trials too, as always) in 2010. I'll be sure to post: once we know which school we're going to, when the condo sells, when Kaelyn does things too cute not to post about.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I still need to blog a bunch about Thanksgiving & Christmas, but I finally caught up on Kaelyn's scrapbook :)

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