Sunday, June 22, 2008

Condo Pictures

here's the condo we're in the process of buying:

Just an update

Well, life is absolutely insane right now, but we're still being very blessed. The apartment in Provo turned out to be a health-hazard, with mold growing in the bathroom walls. We told the landlord that it was grounds to be let out of our lease, eventually he complied and gave us our deposit and month's rent back. Fortunately it was discovered quickly, so we only slept there 2 nights. We are now crashing at Grandpa Cruser's (Matt's grandpa) old house in American Fork--it hasn't sold yet and probably won't for a while.
After the whole apartment catastrophe we realized that with as much as we were going to be paying in rent there we might as well stop renting and pay a mortgage. We are in the middle of buying a condo in Orem. It's 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and beautiful; now we're just hoping that all the loan stuff goes through.
Matthew is starting a new job on July 15; he'll still be helping out his College-Works interns for the rest of the summer, but they're pretty self-sufficient already. His new job is with e-vault a data-storage-backup company. I've started working full-time for BlueHost at least temporarily.
Over all although things are crazy, we're happy and things are falling into place nicely.

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