Monday, June 22, 2009

4 months!

Well, if I ever find the cammera cable I'll post the video of Kaelyn's first taste of rice cereal, but here's some 4 month photos...

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Job

Kaelyn is still as adorable as ever, she recently found that she can grab her cute, but we'll have to keep Charlie from licking her feet now!

I found a job that I can do when ever is convent for us (during Kaelyn's naps mostly). Unfortunately, it's as an independent-contractor (so I'll have to set aside money for taxes) but it's convenient over all. I passed the qualification exams and Leapforce and I now have a contract for me to rank websites in relation to a search query term.

Matt is studying as hard as ever for the LSAT (he's getting good scores on the practice tests). He also has a big contract in the works at work; we'll post when it comes in.

We'll be posting Kaelyn's 4 month pictures soon! (We'll take them on Sunday. Oh, and if I remember to get some she'll have rice cereal that day too:)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

It's Been a While

So much has happened lately, here are the highlights:
- We went to Vegas to help Becca & Stephanie when Steph had surgery (she's doing okay)
- We went to California since we were so close anyway...This was Kaelyn's first trip!
- We flew home (Kaelyn did really well, thank goodness!)
- We're getting ready to go to England on July 3rd
- Matt is still studying for the LSAT and plans to take it in September
- We've updated Kaelyn's scrapbook!
- Kaelyn & Mommy have been going to playgroup at the pool on Wednesdays and Kaelyn is doing really well in the pool :)
- Kaelyn likes to blow bubbles, babble (as you can see in the previous post), sit up (with help) and even stand (with help).

Here are some recent pictures!

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