Friday, January 23, 2009


blog readability test

Saw this feature on Jaime's blog and tried it out....impressive no?

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Baby Shower

Just thought I'd post the cute shower announcement---especailly for those outside of UT who didn't get one since I certainly don't expect anyone to come all the way out here just for a shower ;)

Friday, January 9, 2009

Getting Ready for Kaelyn

The due date is ever creeping nearer, my belly is getting huge, aches and pains are setting in, we've started building our baby-registry and we started child-birth classes! It was really nice to feel like so far the classes have been more of a refresher course rather than brand-new info (thanks to spending much of my first 5 years in a Midwifery and having a mother and grand-mother who taught child-birth classes). It's pretty funny to watch Matt's face during class though....I think my favorite comments so far are---"No wonder you're grumpy, look at where the baby is putting all your internal organs!" and when the instructor asked if anyone had questions Matt whispered "Ask her where babies come from"

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Holidays Were Busy

Wow, I hadn't realized it had been so long since a post! Things are still going well for us. Matt had a fairly large deal come in a few days ago so that's letting us breath a little easier--they're starting to really push the guys at i365 now that sales have dropped so much (thank you American Economy) and profits are down....So the good news is Matt still has a job and the much needed health--especially maternity--benefits :)

We spent Christmas in California with both sides of the family and had a nice time there. We did, however, have some adventures there too....Our cell phones were supposed to work and didn't--10+ calls to Cricket customer service later and we've switched to Verizon--no more unlimited minuets *sigh* but we still have unlimited text and calling other Verizon customers is free, so if you have Verizon give us a call anytime :) Oh and if you need our new numbers send us an email and we'll get it to you (not crazy about posting them where anyone in the world could see).

More adventures occurred when Matt arrived with Charlie...Asher (Whittam dog) and Charlie (our dog) like each other--we think, but both seem to have trouble knowing when to say when. There were no injuries but some pretty rough play was broken up a few times.

Asher also showed off his puppy side (much to our dismay) and ate (well, chewed up) the only copy of Kaelyn's ultrasound (I know, I know, you'd think a girl who works for a web-hosting company and a guy who sells data-back-up and recovery would have thought to make at least one other copy!) Anyway...thanks to Mommy and Daddy footing the bill, we went and got a 3-D ultrasound (and have uploaded a copy to the desktop and plan on burning at least one or two copies to DVD). Here are some pictures of the 3-D stuff.....

you can see her right hand by her cheek in this oneboth eyes (closed), nose and mouth are visible--she kind of looks like she's smiling
here's a profile shot (the stuff in front of her face is umbilical cord) and yes, it looks like the back of her head is missing, it's just how the 3-D rendering produced the shot
the image on the left is a regular frontal shot, the left is a 3-D profile you can see her arm in both shots

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