Monday, July 4, 2011


Well, the first year of law school is over and we're still alive!!!!

It actually wasn't as bad as we'd thought, it wasn't easy though. Matt kept his scholarship, hooray!! He's doing an internship with an Orange County judge this summer and tutoring LSAT (law school entrance exam) students. I'm still working from home setting up a lending company owned by a friend.

Kaelyn is talking up a STORM! She has an amazing memory and will sit and "read" books to us now. She has also started singing on her own (her favorite Twinkle Twinkle Little Star).

I have started running, crazy I know, right?! Today I ran the 4th of July 5K in my stake. I did it in 34 min. I'd like to do 30 min--or faster--next 5K, not sure when .

We are moving AGAIN......I think we've moved more times than any other couple marriage about 6 years. We'll be farther from Chapman :( but it is to a large 3 bedroom and we'll be right by John and January (in fact, they'll be our apartment managers).  No, I'm not pregnant; we've had a different kind of addition to our family. My mom moved in with us. It's a hard transition for everyone, but I really think both my parents will be happier in the long-run and things are going just fine having my mom with us (the extra set of hands--when she's actually home--with a two year-old is pretty nice)


Kristina said...

hooray for posting! And congratulations Matt! Let me know if you guys need any help with the move!

Kira And James Morris said...

I wish you lived closer! I started running too! :) Congrats on everything, Glad everything is going well.

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