Saturday, September 25, 2010

Condos & Crowns

Our condo in Orem, UT is no longer our condo! It's closed and funded and we no longer have to worry about it :) Thank you Chad & Mandy for buying it; good luck Justin with your roommates.

In other news, we've discovered that 12 year-old crowns may pop off when introduced to taffy. Fortunately, my in-laws have gone to the same dentist for a very long time and are friends with him....So, a phone call to his home later, I have my crown firmly back in place! Happily, the original workmanship (thank you Drs. Bowles and Griner) was fabulous and very little was required to get things back to where they belong.


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Congrats on selling the condo! What a nice blessing!

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